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Our hope is for everyone to lead a fulfilling life.

About us:当院概要

The Bunkyo Clinic of Internal Medicine and Cardiology provides a complete range of consultations and diagnostics. Among those are services for the common cold, diarrhea, and sleeping disorders. We also provide treatment services for patients with cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, diabetes mellitus (DM), and hyperlipidemia.
The Bunkyo Clinic of Internal Medicine and Cardiology specializes in internal medicine and cardiology, located in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo,Japan. 1 minute on foot from Sengoku Station of the Toei Mita Subway line. This clinic provides medical services for a wide range of diseases . Such services are also provided incooperation with adjacent, highly-specialized medical institutions, as necessary.


Internal Medicine 内科
Cardiology 循環器内科

Consultation Hours:診療受付時間


※Closed on National Holidays


Please make an appointment via email or phone call.

Contact Tel・Fax・Email

Phone number 電話  :03-6304-1567
FAX number ファックス:03-6304-1567
Email address アドレス :info@bunkyo-cl.jp

Affiliated Hospitals:連携病院

・University of Tokyo Hospital
・Nippon Medical School Hospital
・Mitsui Memorial Hospital
and other hospitals


West・One Building 4th floor, Honkomagome2-10-3, Bunkyoku,Tokyo, Japan

Diseases Treated in This Clinic:当院で診療可能な疾患

Cardiovascular diseases 心血管疾患 (such as arrhythmias and ischemic heart disease,heart failure)
Lifestyle-related diseases 生活習慣病 (such as hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and hyperuricemia)
Infections 感染症 (such as the common cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, urinary tract infection, and enteritis)
Respiratory diseases 呼吸器疾患 (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchial asthma)
Gastrointestinal diseases 消化器疾患 (such as gastritis and gastroduodenal ulcer)
Sleep Apnea Syndrome 睡眠時無呼吸症候群
Smoking cessation 禁煙治療

*We also deal with other diseases as much as possible.

Examinations Conducted in This Clinic:当院で施行可能な検査

X-ray examinations X線検査 (chest, abdomen, and bone density)
Electrocardiography 心電図、Holter Electrocardiography ホルター心電図
ABI/PWV test 動脈硬化・血管年齢検査
Ultrasonography 超音波検査 (carotid artery, heart, and abdomen)
Blood test 血液検査 (blood sugar and HbA1c can be promptly measured)
Urinalysis 尿検査
Bacterial culture tests 細菌培養検査
Carbon monoxide breath test 喫煙の評価の検査